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Reply to 'Re: Ethernet port 0/0 could not be initialized' in Connections

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Replying To:

King 143 posts since
Nov 2, 2010
Dec 26, 2010
Re: Ethernet port 0/0 could not be initialized

This is what I got from my asa 5505


Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt boot.


Use SPACE to begin boot immediately.


Launching BootLoader...

Default configuration file contains 1 entry.


Searching / for images to boot.


Loading /asa724-k8.bin... Booting...

Platform ASA5505


€dosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN

Starting check/repair pass.

Starting verification pass.

/dev/hda1: 98 files, 13520/31033 clusters

dosfsck(/dev/hda1) returned 0

Set 'tap0' persistent and owned by uid 0

IO memory 39583744 bytes


Processor memory 142471168, Reserved memory: 41943040 (DSOs: 0 + kernel: 4194304



Total SSMs found: 0


Total NICs found: 10

i2c_write_byte_w_suspend() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x64, address = 128 byte

count = 1. Reason: I2C_UNPOPULATED_ERROR

esw_init_startup_info(): Unable to obtain device info.

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Gigabit Ethernet @ index 09 MAC: 0000.0003.0002

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Ethernet @ index 08 MAC: c47d.4f65.6924

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Ethernet @ index 07 MAC: c47d.4f65.6923

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Ethernet @ index 06 MAC: c47d.4f65.6922

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Ethernet @ index 05 MAC: c47d.4f65.6921

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Ethernet @ index 04 MAC: c47d.4f65.6920

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Ethernet @ index 03 MAC: c47d.4f65.691f

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Ethernet @ index 02 MAC: c47d.4f65.691e

|à}~@Œ@~ rev  Ethernet @ index 01 MAC: c47d.4f65.691d

y88acs06 rev16 Gigabit Ethernet @ index 00 MAC: c47d.4f65.6925


Licensed features for this platform:

Maximum Physical Interfaces  : 8

VLANs                        : 3, DMZ Restricted

Inside Hosts                 : 50

Failover                     : Disabled

VPN-DES                      : Enabled

VPN-3DES-AES                 : Enabled

SSL VPN Peers                : 2

Total VPN Peers              : 10

Dual ISPs                    : Disabled

VLAN Trunk Ports             : 0

Shared License               : Disabled

AnyConnect for Mobile        : Disabled

AnyConnect for Linksys phone : Disabled

AnyConnect Essentials        : Disabled

Advanced Endpoint Assessment : Disabled

UC Phone Proxy Sessions      : 2

Total UC Proxy Sessions      : 2

Botnet Traffic Filter        : Disabled


This platform has a Base license.


Encryption hardware device : Cisco ASA-5505 on-board accelerator (revision 0x0)

                             Boot microcode   : CN1000-MC-BOOT-2.00

                             SSL/IKE microcode: CNLite-MC-SSLm-PLUS-2.03

                             IPSec microcode  : CNlite-MC-IPSECm-MAIN-2.04

i2c_read_word_w_suspend() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x64, address = 134 byte c

ount = 2. Reason: I2C_UNPOPULATED_ERROR

imb_upgrade_thread: IMB in slot 0 is version 0.0

imb_upgrade_thread: IMB in slot 0 is being upgraded to 1.8

IMBFS: Updating the IMB to v1.8. Please wait...

i2c_write_block_w_suspend() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x64, address = 136 byte

count = 8. Reason: I2C_UNPOPULATED_ERROR

IMBFS: I2C error 6 writing block to IMB image buffer

IMBFS: Write failure, invalid number of bytes written, actual 32, expected 2848

Panic: imb_upgrade_thread - imb_upgrade_thread: Error writing IMB upgrade image

to slot 0.


Thread Name: imb_upgrade_thread

Abort: Assert failure

    vector 0x00000020

       edi 0xd5291c40

       esi 0x00000000

       ebp 0xd57b21c8

       esp 0xd57b275c

       ebx 0x09e31d60

       edx 0x00000000

       ecx 0x00000001

       eax 0x09e31d80

error code n/a

       eip 0x08064bef

        cs 0x00000073

    eflags 0x00003246

       CR2 0x00000000


Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(1)


Compiled on Tue 05-May-09 22:45 by builders

Hardware:   ASA5505

Crashinfo collected on 16:10:20.679 UTC Sun Dec 26 2010



0: 0805d0d3

1: 0805db77

2: 08a23d7c

3: dd7a86d5

4: dd58d1e0

5: 08a21f5f

6: 08064c6e

7: 08509f9c

8: 08062413

Stack dump: base:0xd57b20c8 size:642, active:642

entries above '==': return PC preceded by input parameters

entries below '==': local variables followed by saved regs

             '==Fn': stack frame n, contains next stack frame

                '*': stack pointer at crash

For example:

    0xeeeeef00: 0x005d0707     : arg3

    0xeeeeeefc: 0x00000159     : arg2

    0xeeeeeef8: 0x005d0722     : arg1

    0xeeeeeef4: 0x005d1754     : return PC

    0xeeeeeef0: 0xeeeeef20 ==F2: stack frame F2

    0xeeeeeeec: 0x00def9e0     : local variable

    0xeeeeeee8: 0x0187df9e     : local variable or saved reg

    0xeeeeeee4: 0x01191548     : local variable or saved reg

    0xeeeeeee0: 0x014dde20     : local variable or saved reg

0xd57b2ad0-0xd57b2ab8: 0x00000000

0xd57b2ab4: 0x0927591b

0xd57b2ab0: 0xd57b8ff0

0xd57b2aac: 0xd57ae8a8

0xd57b2aa8: 0x00000000

0xd57b2aa4: 0x00000020

0xd57b2aa0: 0xa11c0123

0xd57b2a9c: 0x00000053

0xd57b2a98: 0xfc00d4d0

0xd57b2a94: 0xa11ccdef

0xd57b2a90-0xd57b2a8c: 0x0fffffff

0xd57b2a88-0xd57b2a80: 0x00000000

0xd57b2a7c: 0x09e31f80

0xd57b2a78: 0x00000000

0xd57b2a74: 0xd57b2a18

0xd57b2a70: 0xd57b2a58

0xd57b2a6c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2a68: 0xd51a8c50

0xd57b2a64-0xd57b2a44: 0x00000000

0xd57b2a40: 0x09c562c0

0xd57b2a3c: 0x08057c90

0xd57b2a38: 0x0946a2af

0xd57b2a34: 0x00000002

0xd57b2a30: 0x0001002c

0xd57b2a2c: 0x09ffa120

0xd57b2a28: 0xd57b2a18

0xd57b2a24: 0xd57ae828

0xd57b2a20: 0xd57b8f70

0xd57b2a1c: 0xd51a8c50

0xd57b2a18: 0xd57b2a68

0xd57b2a14: 0xdeadfeed

0xd57b2a10-0xd57b2a08: 0x00000000

0xd57b2a04: 0x08057e2d

0xd57b2a00: 0xd57b8f40

0xd57b29fc: 0xd57ae7f8

0xd57b29f8: 0x00000000

0xd57b29f4: 0x00000084

0xd57b29f0: 0xa11c0123

0xd57b29ec: 0x000000b3

0xd57b29e8: 0xfc00d4d0

0xd57b29e4: 0x00000000

0xd57b29e0: 0xa11ccdef

0xd57b29dc: 0x00000000

0xd57b29d8: 0x08509d70

0xd57b29d4-0xd57b29cc: 0x00000000 ==F8

0xd57b29c8-0xd57b293c: 0x12345678

0xd57b2938: 0x080623bd

0xd57b2934: 0xd57b2908

0xd57b2930: 0xd57b29d0

0xd57b292c-0xd57b2920: 0x00000000

0xd57b291c-0xd57b290c: 0x12345678

0xd57b2908: 0x00000000

0xd57b2904: 0x08062413

0xd57b2900: 0xd57b29d0 ==F7

0xd57b28fc-0xd57b28f4: 0x00000000

0xd57b28f0: 0x00000520

0xd57b28ec-0xd57b28d4: 0x12345678

0xd57b28d0: 0x00302f73

0xd57b28cc: 0x66626d69

0xd57b28c8-0xd57b28c4: 0x12345678

0xd57b28c0: 0x00000002

0xd57b28bc: 0x00000000

0xd57b28b8: 0x0946a2c2

0xd57b28b4: 0x00000020

0xd57b28b0: 0x00000000

0xd57b28ac: 0x09469b80

0xd57b28a8: 0x0946a218

0xd57b28a4: 0x08509f9c

0xd57b28a0: 0xd57b2900 ==F6

0xd57b289c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2898: 0xd57b28ac

0xd57b2894: 0x00000000

0xd57b2890: 0x00000020

0xd57b288c: 0xd5291c40

0xd57b2888: 0xd52923e0

0xd57b2884: 0x080656df

0xd57b2880: 0xd57b28a0

0xd57b287c: 0xd5291c40

0xd57b2878: 0x00000000

0xd57b2874: 0xd5291c40

0xd57b2870: 0xd57b28cc

0xd57b286c: 0x00000001

0xd57b2868: 0x09469080

0xd57b2864: 0x00000008

0xd57b2860: 0x080656df

0xd57b285c: 0x00000020

0xd57b2858: 0x09469f20

0xd57b2854: 0x00000000

0xd57b2850: 0x00000002

0xd57b284c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2848: 0xd52923e0

0xd57b2844: 0x092500d8

0xd57b2840: 0xd57b2880

0xd57b283c: 0x000013c5

0xd57b2838-0xd57b2834: 0xd52923e0

0xd57b2830-0xd57b282c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2828: 0x00000064

0xd57b2824: 0x0926f782

0xd57b2820: 0xd57b2850

0xd57b281c: 0x00000088

0xd57b2818: 0xd57bca70

0xd57b2814: 0x08a7fc97

0xd57b2810: 0xd57b2840

0xd57b280c: 0xd52923e0

0xd57b2808: 0x00000002

0xd57b2804: 0x00000003

0xd57b2800: 0x097cc2d0

0xd57b27fc: 0xd57bca50

0xd57b27f8: 0xd5000008

0xd57b27f4: 0x0927ffb8

0xd57b27f0: 0xd57b2810

0xd57b27ec: 0xd5291c40

0xd57b27e8: 0xd5000008

0xd57b27e4: 0x08a7f1d9

0xd57b27e0: 0xd57b2810

0xd57b27dc: 0x09f62f60

0xd57b27d8: 0xd57bca48

0xd57b27d4: 0x000a2e30

0xd57b27d0: 0x20746f6c

0xd57b27cc: 0x73206f74

0xd57b27c8: 0x20656761

0xd57b27c4: 0x6d692065

0xd57b27c0: 0x64617267

0xd57b27bc: 0x70752042

0xd57b27b8: 0x4d492067

0xd57b27b4: 0x6e697469

0xd57b27b0: 0x72772072

0xd57b27ac: 0x6f727245

0xd57b27a8: 0x203a6461

0xd57b27a4: 0x65726874

0xd57b27a0: 0x5f656461

0xd57b279c: 0x72677075

0xd57b2798: 0x5f626d69

0xd57b2794: 0x09469000

0xd57b2790: 0x0a383438

0xd57b278c: 0x32206465

0xd57b2788: 0x74636570

0xd57b2784: 0x0927aad2

0xd57b2780: 0xd57b28ac

0xd57b277c: 0x00000001

0xd57b2778: 0x0946a218

0xd57b2774: 0x00000100

0xd57b2770-0xd57b276c: 0xd57b2798

0xd57b2768: 0x096a4221

0xd57b2764: 0x08064c6e

0xd57b2760: 0xd57b28a0 ==F5

0xd57b275c: 0x00000000 *

0xd57b2758: 0xd57b2798

0xd57b2754: 0x08a21f5f

0xd57b2750: 0xd57b2760 ==F4

0xd57b274c: 0xd5291c40

0xd57b2748: 0x00000000

0xd57b2744: 0xd57b2798

0xd57b2740: 0x00000006

0xd57b273c: 0x00010005

0xd57b2738: 0x5f433249

0xd57b2734: 0x203a6e6f

0xd57b2730: 0x00000006

0xd57b272c: 0x00000001

0xd57b2728: 0xd57b28b4

0xd57b2724: 0x09298208

0xd57b2720: 0x00000008

0xd57b271c: 0xd57b273c

0xd57b2718: 0x00000009

0xd57b2714: 0x08a21e72

0xd57b2710: 0xffffffd8

0xd57b270c-0xd57b2708: 0xd27e8d9c

0xd57b2704: 0x0080cd00

0xd57b2700: 0x0000adb8

0xd57b26fc: 0x00000050

0xd57b26f8: 0xd57b2744

0xd57b26f4: 0x0830fbb4

0xd57b26f0: 0xdd7a25fa

0xd57b26ec: 0xd57b2744

0xd57b26e8-0xd57b26e4: 0x00000050

0xd57b26e0: 0x00000051

0xd57b26dc: 0x00000050

0xd57b26d8: 0xd57b2744

0xd57b26d4: 0x081c0659

0xd57b26d0: 0xd57b26f0

0xd57b26cc: 0x00000000

0xd57b26c8: 0x09cb78dc

0xd57b26c4: 0x08059d0f

0xd57b26c0: 0xd57b26f0

0xd57b26bc: 0xd57b2744

0xd57b26b8: 0x00000051

0xd57b26b4: 0x000009db

0xd57b26b0: 0xd57b26d4

0xd57b26ac: 0x0000015a

0xd57b26a8: 0xd57b3238

0xd57b26a4: 0x00000001

0xd57b26a0: 0xd57b27e0

0xd57b269c: 0xd57b26d4

0xd57b2698: 0x0000007a

0xd57b2694: 0x00000006

0xd57b2690: 0x000a2e30

0xd57b268c: 0x20746f6c

0xd57b2688: 0x73206f74

0xd57b2684: 0x20656761

0xd57b2680: 0x6d692065

0xd57b267c: 0x64617267

0xd57b2678: 0x70752042

0xd57b2674: 0x4d492067

0xd57b2670: 0x6e697469

0xd57b266c: 0x72772072

0xd57b2668: 0x6f727245

0xd57b2664: 0x203a6461

0xd57b2660: 0x65726874

0xd57b265c: 0x5f656461

0xd57b2658: 0x72677075

0xd57b2654: 0x5f626d69

0xd57b2650: 0x00000001

0xd57b264c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2648: 0x00000001

0xd57b2644: 0x00000000

0xd57b2640: 0xd57b276c

0xd57b263c: 0x00000001

0xd57b2638: 0x096a4221

0xd57b2634: 0x00000100

0xd57b2630: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b262c: 0x0000001a

0xd57b2628: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b2624: 0x080648bb

0xd57b2620: 0xd57b2760

0xd57b261c: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b2618: 0x0000003f

0xd57b2614: 0xd57b2798

0xd57b2610: 0xd57b276c

0xd57b260c: 0x0000003f

0xd57b2608: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b2604: 0x08a1fbb4

0xd57b2600: 0xd57b2620

0xd57b25fc: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b25f8-0xd57b25f4: 0x0000003f

0xd57b25f0: 0x00000040

0xd57b25ec: 0x0000003f

0xd57b25e8: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b25e4: 0x081c0659

0xd57b25e0: 0xd57b2600

0xd57b25dc: 0x00000000

0xd57b25d8: 0x09cb794a

0xd57b25d4: 0x08059d0f

0xd57b25d0: 0xd57b2600

0xd57b25cc: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b25c8: 0x00000040

0xd57b25c4: 0x00000a49

0xd57b25c0: 0x00000015

0xd57b25bc: 0x00000001

0xd57b25b8: 0x096642ae

0xd57b25b4: 0x00000001

0xd57b25b0: 0xd57b26d0

0xd57b25ac: 0x09469f6d

0xd57b25a8: 0x0000000a

0xd57b25a4: 0x09469ed5

0xd57b25a0: 0x0000003f

0xd57b259c: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b2598: 0xd57b25ac

0xd57b2594: 0x08a27beb

0xd57b2590: 0xd57b25e0

0xd57b258c: 0xd57b2654

0xd57b2588: 0xd57b25ac

0xd57b2584: 0x00000000

0xd57b2580: 0x00000802

0xd57b257c: 0x00000004

0xd57b2578: 0x00000001

0xd57b2574: 0x08a27866

0xd57b2570: 0xd57b2590

0xd57b256c: 0xd5291c40

0xd57b2568-0xd57b2564: 0xd57b25ac

0xd57b2560: 0xffffffd8

0xd57b255c: 0x097cc5c8

0xd57b2558: 0x0000000a

0xd57b2554: 0xdd7a8961

0xd57b2550: 0xd57b2570

0xd57b254c: 0xdd7aa194

0xd57b2548: 0x096a4224

0xd57b2544: 0x09006b89

0xd57b2540: 0x0000003f

0xd57b253c: 0x097cc5c8

0xd57b2538: 0x0000000a

0xd57b2534: 0xdd7a25fa

0xd57b2530: 0x0000003f

0xd57b252c: 0xffff3041

0xd57b2528: 0xffffc000

0xd57b2524-0xd57b2520: 0x00000000

0xd57b251c: 0x000000c1

0xd57b2518: 0x00000000

0xd57b2514: 0x20018000

0xd57b2510: 0xffffffff

0xd57b250c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2508: 0x00000001

0xd57b2504: 0x00000000

0xd57b2500: 0x40018000

0xd57b24fc: 0xffff3041

0xd57b24f8: 0xffffc000

0xd57b24f4-0xd57b24e8: 0x00000000

0xd57b24e4: 0x40018000

0xd57b24e0-0xd57b24d4: 0x00000000

0xd57b24d0: 0x40018000

0xd57b24cc: 0x00000000

0xd57b24c8: 0x00003ffd

0xd57b24c4: 0xf5c4a7bf

0xd57b24c0: 0x0c000000

0xd57b24bc: 0x40018000

0xd57b24b8-0xd57b24ac: 0x00000000

0xd57b24a8: 0x0000007b

0xd57b24a4: 0xd597362c

0xd57b24a0: 0x05d80073

0xd57b249c: 0x08c2bf78

0xd57b2498: 0xffffffff

0xd57b2494: 0xffff3041

0xd57b2490: 0xffff037f

0xd57b248c: 0xffffffbe

0xd57b2488: 0xbe3b5a05

0xd57b2484: 0x00000000

0xd57b2480: 0xbe3b5a05

0xd57b247c: 0xd57b2490

0xd57b2478: 0x0000007b

0xd57b2474: 0xd57b270c

0xd57b2470: 0x00003246

0xd57b246c: 0x00000073

0xd57b2468: 0xdd7a87ab

0xd57b2464-0xd57b2460: 0x00000000

0xd57b245c: 0x00000008

0xd57b2458: 0xd57b273c

0xd57b2454: 0x00000008

0xd57b2450: 0x00000009

0xd57b244c: 0xd57b270c

0xd57b2448: 0xd57b2750

0xd57b2444: 0x00000000

0xd57b2440: 0xd57b273c

0xd57b243c-0xd57b2438: 0x0000007b

0xd57b2434: 0x00000033

0xd57b2430: 0x0000002f

0xd57b242c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2428: 0x00000002

0xd57b2424-0xd57b241c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2418: 0x0000007b

0xd57b2414: 0x00000033

0xd57b2410: 0x0000002f

0xd57b240c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2408: 0x00000002

0xd57b2404-0xd57b23fc: 0x00000000

0xd57b23f8-0xd57b23e8: 0x12345678

0xd57b23e4: 0x12385678

0xd57b23e0: 0x12345678

0xd57b23dc-0xd57b23d8: 0x00000000

0xd57b23d4: 0x00000080

0xd57b23d0: 0x00000000

0xd57b23cc: 0x0000000e

0xd57b23c8: 0xd57b244c

0xd57b23c4: 0xd57b23cc

0xd57b23c0: 0x0000000e

0xd57b23bc: 0xdd58d1e0

0xd57b23b8: 0xd57b27a0

0xd57b23b4: 0x04363a13

0xd57b23b0-0xd57b23ac: 0x00000000

0xd57b23a8: 0x000000b8

0xd57b23a4-0xd57b23a0: 0x00000000

0xd57b239c: 0x00000006

0xd57b2398: 0xd57b241c

0xd57b2394: 0xd57b239c

0xd57b2390: 0x00000006

0xd57b238c: 0xdd58d1e0

0xd57b2388: 0xd57b2750 ==F3

0xd57b2384: 0x00000000

0xd57b2380: 0x00000009

0xd57b237c: 0x0000000e

0xd57b2378: 0xd57b241c

0xd57b2374: 0xd57b239c

0xd57b2370: 0x00000006

0xd57b236c: 0xdd7a86d5

0xd57b2368: 0xd57b2388 ==F2

0xd57b2364: 0xd57b273c

0xd57b2360: 0x00000000

0xd57b235c: 0xdd7aa194

0xd57b2358: 0xd57b23fc

0xd57b2354: 0xd57b237c

0xd57b2350: 0x0000000e

0xd57b234c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2348: 0xd57b2368

0xd57b2344-0xd57b2340: 0x00000000

0xd57b233c: 0xdd7aa194

0xd57b2338-0xd57b2334: 0x00000000

0xd57b2330: 0x00003246

0xd57b232c-0xd57b2328: 0x00000000

0xd57b2324: 0x00003246

0xd57b2320: 0x00000073

0xd57b231c: 0xdd7a87ab

0xd57b2318: 0x00000000

0xd57b2314: 0x00000008

0xd57b2310: 0xd57b273c

0xd57b230c: 0x00000008

0xd57b2308: 0x00000009

0xd57b2304: 0xd57b270c

0xd57b2300: 0xd57b2750

0xd57b22fc: 0x00000000

0xd57b22f8: 0xd57b273c

0xd57b22f4-0xd57b2278: 0x00000000

0xd57b2274: 0x00000020

0xd57b2270: 0x00000001

0xd57b226c: 0xd57b23fc

0xd57b2268: 0x08a200e0

0xd57b2264: 0x08064690

0xd57b2260: 0xd57b2300

0xd57b225c: 0x08a219bb

0xd57b2258: 0xd57b2348

0xd57b2254: 0x00000001

0xd57b2250: 0xd57b23fc

0xd57b224c-0xd57b2248: 0x00000000

0xd57b2244: 0xdd7aa194

0xd57b2240: 0xd57b2280

0xd57b223c-0xd57b2238: 0x00000000

0xd57b2234: 0xd57b2300

0xd57b2230: 0xd57b23fc

0xd57b222c: 0x08068c52

0xd57b2228: 0xd57b2258

0xd57b2224: 0x08064690

0xd57b2220: 0x00000001

0xd57b221c-0xd57b2218: 0x00000000

0xd57b2214: 0x09d4fbe0

0xd57b2210: 0x00000002

0xd57b220c: 0x08a215b9

0xd57b2208: 0xd57b2228

0xd57b2204: 0x08064690

0xd57b2200: 0x00000001

0xd57b21fc: 0x00000000

0xd57b21f8: 0xd57b2228

0xd57b21f4: 0x0000002a

0xd57b21f0: 0x6780f9b9

0xd57b21ec-0xd57b21dc: 0xffffffff

0xd57b21d8: 0x00000000

0xd57b21d4: 0x00000001

0xd57b21d0: 0x09d4f4c0

0xd57b21cc: 0x08a23d7c

0xd57b21c8: 0xd57b2368 ==F1

0xd57b21c4-0xd57b21bc: 0x00000000

0xd57b21b8: 0x00000080

0xd57b21b4: 0x0000002b

0xd57b21b0: 0x065c3d1d

0xd57b21ac: 0x0805d1bd

0xd57b21a8: 0xd57b21c8

0xd57b21a4-0xd57b216c: 0x00000000

0xd57b2168: 0x095950b5

0xd57b2164: 0x0944013d

0xd57b2160: 0x00003246

0xd57b215c: 0x00000073

0xd57b2158: 0x08064bef

0xd57b2154: 0x00000000

0xd57b2150: 0x09e31d80

0xd57b214c: 0x00000001

0xd57b2148: 0x00000000

0xd57b2144: 0x09e31d60

0xd57b2140: 0xd57b275c

0xd57b213c: 0xd57b21c8

0xd57b2138: 0x00000000

0xd57b2134: 0xd5291c40

0xd57b2130: 0x00000020

0xd57b212c: 0xffffffff

0xd57b2128-0xd57b2124: 0x00000000

0xd57b2120: 0x09d4f4c0

0xd57b211c: 0xdd7a5e31

0xd57b2118: 0xd57b21c8

0xd57b2114: 0xd57b21b0

0xd57b2110: 0xd57b2130

0xd57b210c: 0xdd7aa194

0xd57b2108-0xd57b20f8: 0xffffffff

0xd57b20f4: 0x0946a2af

0xd57b20f0: 0x0931b66a

0xd57b20ec: 0x0805db88

0xd57b20e8: 0xd57b21c8

0xd57b20e4: 0xd57b216c

0xd57b20e0: 0x09d4f4fc

0xd57b20dc: 0x00000001

0xd57b20d8-0xd57b20d4: 0x00000000

0xd57b20d0: 0x00353035

0xd57b20cc: 0x35415341


Begin to dump crashinfo to flash....


End of console dump.

Do 'show crashinfo' after reboot to retrieve other crash information

Process shutdown finished

Rebooting.....Restarting system.

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